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Sutton Manor Surgery
Patient Group
1.To provide resources and services for the good of the Practice     population which would not otherwise be provided by Statutory Services.    

2.To encourage a spirit of self help and support amongst patients to improve their health and well being

3.To improve communication between the service providers, the group and the wider population

4.To promote a patient perspective and enable patients to access and make the best use of available health care.

Sutton Manor Surgery has a patient group. It meets 4 times a year. Our am is to have a Patient Group, representative of all patient age groups and needs within the surgery.

If anyone feels that they have a particular skill or interest in this area we would particularly like to hear from you.

Please hand your details in at the reception and you will be contacted by the Practice Manager.

We have an agreed Patient Group Terms of Reference.
The Patient Group put together a regular newsletter.

Dates of meetings  2017
(To be announced)                                                  

We also have a suggestion box in reception.  Suggestions are discussed at the Patient Group Meetings.

Successful suggestions have included:
Child proof plug socket covers for the waiting room; Battery re cycling; Ideas for re seating in the waiting areas.

Sutton Manor Surgery
Minutes of Patient Group Meetings
Meeting Minutes
Patient Participation Group
Tuesday 14 October 2014
Meeting Minutes
Patient Participation Group
Tuesday 14 April 2015
Meeting Minutes
Patient Participation Group
12 January 2016
Meeting Minutes
Patient Participation Group
13 October 2015
Sutton Manor Surgery
Patient Participation  Group

·Contribute to practice decision making and consult on service development and provision

·Provide feedback on patients needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary

·Serve as a ‘safety valve’ for dealing with grumbles and complaints about the practice - representing patients but also helping them to understand the practice’s viewpoint

·Assist the practice and its patients by arranging voluntary groups/support within the community

·Communicate information about the community which may affect healthcare

·Give patients a voice in the organisation of their care

·Promote good health and higher levels of health literacy by encouraging and supporting activities within the practice and promoting preventative medicine

·Influence provision of secondary healthcare and social care locally

·Monitor services, eg hospital discharge and support when back in the community

·Give feedback to NHS trusts on consultations

·Fundraise for medical equipment and other facilities to improve the practice and/or fund the activities of the PPG

·Liaise with other PPGs in the area
Patient Participation
Link to website Carer's page.
Interested in helping us make sure that patient views are represented on issues that matter to them?
Then why not join our Patient Participation Group?

The group meets periodically with representatives from the surgery to discuss a wide variety of issues. You will be updated on progress and be able to give your views and ideas.

If you would like further information, please download and complete the form - (right).
Link to website Carer's page.
Promoting and Supporting
Patient Participation in Primary Care
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